Welcome Cosplayers!

Hall Costume Contest

Dokidokon is pleased to offer another cosplay contest taking place at the convention! On both Friday and Saturday we have an 'Adults Hall Costume Contest' and a 'Children's Hall Costume Contest', which is free to enter! Read more by clicking the doc or by viewing the PDF to the right! 
Stop by ConOps on Friday anytime between 12 and 6pm to enter for that day, and Saturday between 10am and 4pm to enter! 
Children's Costume Contest is ages 3-10.

If you are a cosplayer this page is for you! Here you will find information about Dokidokon's cosplay policies, our rules for the Masquerade and Hall costume contest, and more!

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COSPLAY MASQUERADE- Important Information

Dokidokon is excited to host a Cosplay Masquerade again in 2023! We have a lot of cool prizes, and a lot of information so please take a moment and look over the following.

If you have signed up to enter the masquerade via the online form please stop by ConOps at Doki to check in. This helps us know who arrived and is still taking part!

Please check in at ConOps on Friday (10am-9pm) or Saturday from 10 am to Noon. 

Masquerade Policies:
It is SUPER IMPORTANT to read this before signing up to enter our Cosplay Masquerade! Every event has different rules/policies for those entering into a masquerade, so don't assume the same rules apply everywhere. If you have questions or concerns please reach out to us!
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Our judges are:

We have 12 categories with 12 winners!

Novice winner

Novice runner up

Intermediate winner

Intermediate runner up

Master winner

Master runner up

Best performance

Best prop

Best in show

Judges Choice x3


All 12 will receive one (1) free badge to Dokidokon 2023 as well as a Trophy!

The following winners will also receive: 

Best in show- $200 Gift Card
1st place Masters- $100 Gift Card
1st place Intermediate- $50 Gift Card
1st place Novice- $25 Gift Card

These winners will also receive gifts from our sponsors!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.