Please see the doc for information on rules and policies concerning our cosplay masquerade. You can also find this information on the 'early sign ups' page for the masquerade. 

Hall Costume Contest

Dokidokon is pleased to offer another cosplay contest taking place at the convention! On both Friday and Saturday we have an 'Adults Hall Costume Contest' and a 'Children's Hall Costume Contest', which is free to enter! Read more by clicking the doc or by viewing the PDF to the right! 
Stop by ConOps on Friday anytime between 12 and 6pm to enter for that day, and Saturday between 10am and 4pm to enter! 
Children's Costume Contest is ages 3-10.

COSPLAY & Convention policies

Please see the doc for our general Cosplay and Convention policies.  
Have cosplay plans?

Feel free to use our templates and share your lineup on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter! Simply right click on the image, save the image, and add pictures to your lineup for Dokidokon!

Our official tags are: #Dokidokon, #Dokidokon2021, #Doki2021

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