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General FAQ

General Convention Rules:

Respect your fellow attendees. Don’t do anything that harasses, threatens, or harms other attendees. If you are being harassed, threatened, or harmed, please find a member of the convention staff. See our anti-harassment policy for more details.
Wear your badge at all times. Your badge must be visible. If a staff member asks to see your badge or photo ID, you must show it to them. Dokidokon reserves the right to deny entrance to any part of the convention space to anyone not wearing a valid convention badge.
Keep your kids with you. Attendees under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Parents will be held responsible for any damages caused by their children.
Follow the prop and costume rules. See our Prop and Costume Policy for more details.
Follow hotel and convention center policies.

Is Dokidokon an Event Only for Children?

Not at all! In addition to some great all-ages events, including concerts, panels, events, cosplay, eGaming and Tabletop tournaments and much more, we have specific events targeted at smaller kids (workshops and panels for kids), as well as events for the older folks (late night panels and events, late night targeted programming, several EDM events).


Can children attend Dokidokon?

Dokidokon is for everyone of all ages! Originally starting out in 2017 at the Four Points Sheraton, Dokidokon's attendance has since grown in size and breadth of interest in the area. Dokidokon now brings together fans at every age.


What about illegal Substance Use?

Illegal substances are never permitted at Dokidokon events. The sale and distribution of illegal or controlled substances will result in reporting to the on-site local authorities, KZOOPD, etc. Anyone knowingly or unknowingly providing alcohol or aiding others in providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 will be turned over immediately to the local authorities and expelled from the con.


Lost & Found

Items that have been found and turned in to convention staff will be held in ConOps and available during hours of operation. You must describe the lost item in detail and sign when claiming any lost items. Lost items that have not been claimed at the end of the convention are turned over to the hotel's front desk or donated.


13+ & 18+ Content

Programming that is considered to have stronger language or material may be marked 13+ or 18+ in the program schedule. All 18+ events require badge and ID checks. Dokidokon cannot accommodate, predict, or take responsibility for the language and behavior of other members, nor will Dokidokon take responsibility for any minors at the event. However, the convention space will become very crowded and it is recommended that an adult accompany all minors at all times. If you should have a problem with a lost child, please contact any security member or ConOps and they will help in any way they can. When registering for a badge on-site or picking up a badge after pre-purchasing online, members under 16 will require a responsible party 18 or older to sign to pick up a badge. Members 16 and older will require a photo ID to pick up a badge.


Can I use a Motorized Personal Vehicle?

The venue does not permit non-accessibility related motorized personal transportation vehicles on the carpets/indoors at the venue, including (but not limited to) scooters, hoverboards, and carts. Wheelchairs and accessibility devices are permitted.


Convention "Ghosting"

GHOSTING IS NOT ALLOWED! Everyone must have a badge to enter the convention center space. Please support Dokidokon by purchasing a badge. Events that wish to attend and promote their own events must first be approved. Unapproved promotors will be escorted off the property. This applies to Vendors as well.


Posting of Announcements

Anyone posting announcements, promotional literature, flyers, handouts, etc. being distributed without permission will be asked to leave the premises.

Operations FAQ

These FAQs are primarily about how we as a convention operate. From Staffing & Volunteering to COVID-19 & Anti-Harassment Policy. 

How do I register for Dokidokon?

Up on the navigation bar you'll see the 'Registration' page. Simply click that to be transported to the page! Remember: The earlier you pre-reg the cheaper the badge!


What's our Anti-Harassment Policy?

Dokidokon is dedicated to providing a safe and harassment-free experience for everyone at our events. Cosplay is not Consent. Feel free to communicate your boundaries and seek out staff if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable for any reason or have a question about any of our policies. Violation of these rules can result in consequences including expulsion and up to a permanent ban. Refunds are at the discretion of the organizers and are handled on a case-by-case basis.


Will There be a Map of Convention Groups and Information About Events Available?

Yes, maps and schedules will be available on the website shortly before the convention and at the convention in our handy-dandy program booklets. Some detailed information about specific events will be available in your registration packet in the form of handouts. Looking for a place to host meetups or photo shoots? Check out the 'Location' page on our website.



This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed to reflect changing circumstances, guidelines, and regulations related to COVID-19. ​Please follow us on social media to get updates should this policy have any changes between now and the convention. We will do our best to make all aware of any changes. ​At this time Dokidokon does not require proof of vaccination to attend. Masks are encouraged in all of the convention spaces, but not enforced. We ask that those who are unwell or who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 to stay home and not attend. ​We encourage our staff and those attending to practice proper hygiene and utilize the hand sanitizer located throughout the convention space. We also ask that you don't share drinks or food with others.​ ​We realize that the above may not be to everyone's liking, and for that, we are sorry that you may choose not to attend Dokidokon. In the event that things change we will make the edit to the policy above and notify those who subscribed to our email listing, as well as those who follow the convention's social media accounts.


I Have Disabilities/Small Children/Medical Conditions, How Can I Manage at Dokidokon?"

Check out the accommodations provided by the venue and information on what to do at Dokidokon if you have disabilities, special needs, are pregnant, or have small children.


Can I sign up to volunteer or be staff?

Yes! To apply as Staff or Volunteer, please navigate to our 'Get Involved' page (Found in the top menu of our website) and select the 'Apply Now' button in the 'Staff and Volunteer' section. Notice: You are unable to apply to be staff unless you have volunteered at least one year at a prior Dokidokon event. Be sure to check your spam and junk folders in your email, as you will hear back from us soon.

Travel & Lodging FAQ

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Where Can I Stay for the Convention?

Please see the 'Location' page of the website as this will detail most of the options available to you, Including hotels, restaurants, and parking.


Are there palces to eat around the convention?

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How can I get to the convention from the Airport?

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Photography & Press FAQ

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General Photography Policy?

By attending Dokidokon or Doki's Winter Fest, you are entering an area where photography, audio, and video recording will occur. You and those around you are consenting to being photographed and recorded. Photography is allowed and encouraged at the convention!


Where can I have a photoshoot?

Anywhere in the general public and on convention grounds, we only ask that you do not block hallways or entrances to any meeting rooms or fire exits. You may not take photos in private areas such as the inside of restaurants, restrooms, or persons private hotel rooms. If approached by a staff member and told to delete unwanted photos that have been brought to our attention, you must comply or be escorted off the property by the venue's security personnel.


Can I take a picture of someone in cosplay at the convention?

If someone does not wish to have their photo taken you must respect their wishes and not photograph them. Any child must have the parent or legal guardians' permission to be photographed. As a general rule always ask to take photos of persons.


Service Name

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Cosplay FAQ

The are only a few of the rules and FAQs regarding the Cosplay Masquerade. Please see the 'Programming' section and navigate to the 'Cosplay' Page for a full list of rules and FAQs.

Do I need a Dokidokon Badge to participate in the Dokidokon Masquerade?

Yes, all contestants must have purchase the Dokidokon Badge for that year's Convention in order to qualify as a contestant.


How many categories and skits can I be in?

1. You're only allowed to be in one skit or participate as a walk-on.


Can I sign up to be in the Masquerade at the time of the event?

Sadly, no. Our A/V and Media Team work very hard to create Graphics and animations with each contestant's name and Cosplay source as part of the production. It's a big show!


Can I enter with a cosplay I purchased?

No, these have to be hand-crafted cosplays. You're allowed to have someone else walk-on as a model of your work if you wanted to though.

Vending FAQ

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Does Dokiidokon offer table swaps with other conventions?

Dokidokon is accepting con table swaps for 2024! To sign up for a table swap please with your event please email us at! Our swap includes one table in a high traffic area, 2 chairs, and up to 4 badges for your staff at our convention. We will also include your events logo and URL on our website under the convention swap page, as well as make social media posts about your event and Dokidokon being there.

Badge Policy & FAQ

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How do I pick up my Badge?

If you pre-register online you'll be sent an email confirmation of your badge(s). All badges must be picked up at the convention unless you purchased the VIP badge before June 10th, in which case your badge will be mailed to the address you provided. You have three options for picking up your badge at the convention; Print off the email confirmation of your badges and when you arrive at the convention get in the Pre-Registered line. Show the print off confirmation to the staff member and they will give you your badge. Take your mobiel device and download the email confirmation (or take a screenshot of it) and show it to the staff member at the Pre-registered table. Forgot to print off the confirmation and don't have good cell service? No problem! Bring your Goverment issued ID to confirm your identity when picking up your badge. Simply show the official staff member at the Pre-registered table your ID and they will look up your badge info. If you would like your badge mailed to you please consider getting the VIP badge! If you pre-register online before June 10th and get the VIP badge your badge will be mailed to you via USPS. You will want to stop by the VIP table when you get to the convention for your goodie bag and special perks, so don't forget!


Do you have discount badges for children?

Children under the age of 7 do not require a badge. Child badges are discounted from the adult badges. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a supervisory adult who also purchases a badge at the adult price. (max 2 children per adult). Badges must be purchased at the same time to get the discount for the child, and single day badges for children at the door are the same price as adults, there is no discount for single day registration for children. Children under the age of 7 are admitted to Dokidokon free with the purchase of an adult weekend registration. Children under the age of 7 do not need to buy a badge or register. If your child is under the age of 16 they must be with you at all times. Dokidokon is not your child's babysitter.


Do you have discount badges for teachers, military, or students?

At this time Dokidokon does not have discounted badges for teachers, students, or military. By registering for the convention and in purchasing a badge you help us put on a great event, and in turn help us to be able to continue Dokidokon for years to come. ​ We believe in offering the best deal we can to our attendees, and our pre-reg early bird specials get as low as $45 for a weekend badge. You can sign up for our email listing or follow us on social media to get the notification when the early bird special goes live!


Can I get a refund on my badge?

We understand situations come up where you may be unable to attend Dokidokon, but have already secured your badge with our pre-reg rate. We do our very best to honor refunds and to initiate those in a timely fashion, however please note that we will be unable to issue any refunds during the month of Dokidokon (July). We are sorry you cannot attend, but we will not issue a refund 30 days prior to the convention. We hope you understand and will try to attend next year!


Can I give my badge to a friend?

We only accept badge transfers up until July 1st. In order to transfer your badge to a friend you will need to do the following; Contact us at and make the subject be 'Badge Transfer'. Provide the following information and wait for a response from us to confirm the transfer. You will need to provide your full legal name, email address used when registering online. You will also need to provide us with the First and Last name of the person who will be taking your badge, and their email address to we can contact them and have them register. Once we have the friend registered your badge will become voided in our system. All badge transfers MUST BE APPROVED this way and must be for the same badge type. No transfers will be allowed starting July 1st. If you cannot make it we are sorry. Our badge refund policy is valid up until the month of the convention (July 1st), so please make sure you either ask for a refund before July or follow the steps to transfer your badge to a friend.


Can I pick which color Team I'm on?

We will allow you to pick a team to be on when you arrive at the convention! Our staff will monitor the teams and hand out the team colors that are in need of members at the time of your arrival!


Will you have single day passes available?

Yes! You can pre-register online for a weekend badge, and the week of the convention we will open up single day pre-reg online. You will then be able to select a single day pass. You may also show up at the event and register for a single day pass, but we reccomend registering online the week of when that goes live so you can skip waiting in line longer.


What comes with the VIP Badge?

Our VIP badges come with extra perks on top of the access to the event long events. VIP Badge holders will receive: • Fast check-in at ConOps • Welcome bag when you arrive which includes: 1. Collectible VIP Badge to Dokidokon! 2. Collectible T-Shirt 3. One Free Ticket to the Maid Café at Dokidokon Your VIP badge also includes: • Two autographs from guests (vs 1 from the normal badge) • Early access to the Vendor room on Saturday and Sunday • Front of line access to Main Events


I bought a badge but now I can't come. What do I do?

We understand situations arise and suddenly a convention you had planned on attending you may no longer be able to attend, for whatever reason. We will do our best to work with you in refunding your badge. ​ We will determine what to do by using multiple factors, the primary being the date you purchased your badge. It is our sole discretion what we can do to help out, and some conventions would not even offer a refund. However we understand, we have been there, and will do our best for you. If you find you suddenly can't make the con, and have already pre-registered, please use the contact form right away so a staff member can assist you. ​ We cannot issue refunds the month of the convention, sorry. This means any refund requests sent in July will not be accepted. We do our best to honor refund requests up until 30 days to the event. ​ NOTE: Vendors who have purchased their table(s) must abide by the guidelines when they applied and will not be refunded for their table(s).


Can I let someone else pick up my badge?

In short, no. The reason we check for both a confirmation or ID is to make sure we can account for everyone who is attending. Even if you are arriving at a later time we still need to have you pick up your badge, not your friend. The information collected when you register is for your safety while attending, so by checking in and picking up your badge we are not only able to verify you are here, but make sure the information provided is correct in case of an emergency.


I am under 16 years old/do nto have a form of ID, why do I need a guardian to sign in with me at the convention?

Dokidokon is held in downtown Kalamazoo, the heart of a medium-sized metropolitan area, and we would not want anything to happen to any of our attendees. Minors are always welcome to attend the convention, but Dokidokon is an entertainment event, not a babysitting service. We encourage parents to accompany their kids when at the convention, and suggest that families take some time while in Kalamazoo to see some of the attractions in the local area (Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum, Henderson Castle, etc.). We have no way to verify identity for registration if an attendee does not have a valid, identifiable form of ID, so we require that attendees without IDs have a friend (18 or older) or parent/guardian to sign in with them.

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