Dokidokon presents: TEAM EVENTS!

Welcome to the Dokidokon Team Events! Here you will find yourself faced with challenges testing your physical attributes as well as your intellectual stamina. You and your team must band together and combine your skills to overcome these challenges!


You have the chance to earn points for your team at each event as you compete for head to head with your opposing teams. Another way to earn points for your team is in the Scavenger Hunt! The hunt will challenge your detective skills and your creativity in the nearly one hundred diverse missions! Are you up for the challenges ahead?


Find out more about our scavenger hunt here.


When you arrive at Dokidokon to pick up your badge you can decide between one of four teams; Purple, Blue, Red, or Green. Once you have chosen your team you will be given a lanyard with the corresponding color so you can show off your team pride! If you came with friends you have the choice to stick together as a team or split up and go your separate ways to compete against each other! Ultimately the choice is yours.


Teams will compete throughout the weekend starting after the opening ceremonies in four events and the scavenger hunt, with the winning team being announced during closing ceremonies on Sunday. Be sure to check the schedule in the guide book to see when and where all the Team Events will take place, or stop by our Team Events table to get more information! Once the winning team has been announced those in attendance at closing ceremonies for that winning team color will be welcomed up on stage to have a team photo taken with their team leader and the Team Events Cup!

This years events:
Did you enjoy last years events? Have ideas of possible new Team Events you would like to see happen at Dokidokon? Reach out to us via chat and our Team Events Lead will look them over!
FAQ’s about Dokidokon's Team Events

Q: What are the Team Events at Dokidokon?

A: Dokidokon's Team Events will take place throughout the weekend that may include games like Minute to Win it, Wheel of Fortune, a trivia challenge, a scavenger hunt, and a Nerf challenge.


Q: Why were Team Events created?

A: At Dokidokon we wanted to create a space for people to make new friends, play some fun games, and get into their competitive side. Whether you would just like to test the waters and try out a team event or you've been training for these events all year we have something for everyone!


Q: Do I have to compete in team events?

A: No. Team Events are completely optional for all attendees. If any event sounds interesting to you are welcome to check it out and if it's not your thing there's no obligation to stay. You can always stop by the Team Events table and leave us suggestions for events you would perhaps love to see for future years!


Q: Once I'm on a team can I switch to another?

A: Once you are on a team we ask that you stay with that team when competing. This helps us keep things fair for each team.


Q: What do I get for competing?

A: At each event, you can earn points for your team and help your team to victory. During closing ceremonies on Sunday, the winning team will be announced and invited up on stage to have their picture taken with their team leader and the Dokidokon Team Events trophy! We may even have a special memento for you to take home with you as well. Overall these games are meant to be for fun. We will also have some fun ribbons you can collect at each team event for your badges just for participating! (badges are limited to one per person who takes part in the event and only while they last)


Q: When will these events take place?

A: There will be two events on Friday and two events on Saturday, each an hour long. The scavenger hunt will start after opening ceremonies and end on Sunday before closing ceremonies.