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Dreams Come Chuu
Maid Cafe

Tickets on Sale Now!!

Dreams Come Chuu is a maid and butler costume-themed café & dance group! The café was established in 2014 at the University of Michigan as a sub-group of the student organization Animania. The cafe was then expanded by a group of dear friends. The café has since grown & continued to be a source of new friendships & creating fun memories for guests & café staff alike!

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The Maid Café Experience

  • Maid Café themed food and drinks including food decoration services

  • Order-able dance performances (typically ani-song, vocaloid, j-pop, K-pop genres)

  • Enjoy mini games with your maid or butler while waiting for food like kendama

  • Don't miss out on the optional photobooth service - taking polaroid pics with your server

  • Keep a memory of your experience by buying Dreams Come Chuu themed trinkets like stickers or pins.

Event Details:

When are Sessions? There a total of eleven sessions throughout the weekend.


Session 1 [4:30-5:25]

Session 2 [6-6:45pm]

Session 3 [7-7:45pm]


Session 4 [11am-11:45am]

Session 5 [12-12:45pm]

Session 6 [1-1:45pm]

Session 7 [3-3:45pm]

Session 8 [4-4:45pm]

Session 9 [6-6:45pm]

Session 10 [7-7:45pm]

Session 11 [8-8:45pm]

How do I sign up for a session? When you pick up your tickets at Con Ops, you will be able to sign up for a session!

Ticket information

You may purchase your ticket to the Maid Cafe now online here, or at the door while they last. We recommend purchasing them in advance to avoid them being sold out at con.

You will need to stop by ConOps when you arrive to pick up your Maid Cafe ticket and choose a session time to attend. Each session is 45 minutes long.

Q: I signed up for a session but I missed it. Can I attend a different session?

A: Yes! Please return to ConOps to let them know and they will help you find the next available session to attend.

Q: I missed my session and now can't go to any other session. Can I get a refund?

A: Return to ConOps and they will issue you a refund on your badge. 

Q: I've lost my ticket. Can I get a replacement?

A: Yes. Please return to ConOps and they will help assist you.

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