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Be Our Guest!


Konnichiwa , goushujin-sama and oujo-sama! Okaerinasai! We are La Petite Papillon Maid Cafe! At this cafe, we host events so we can entertain our guests through dance, through our yummy snacks, or just through the power of MoeMoeKyun!

We here at La Petite Papillon hope to bring smiles to the faces of everyone that comes to see us! 

What happens at a Maid Cafe?
You'll be greeted by the maids and then seated at a table with others for the duration of the event. 
Your maid will interact with your table by offering mini-games to play, small crafts to make, snacks, and the maids as a group will perform dances for everyone. You may even ask to get your photo with the Maids after the event.

How much does the Maid Cafe cost?
Tickets to the Maid Cafe depend on if you would like the food and beverages or just to come to attend the event. If you would like the snacks and drinks while you attend a session the cost is $25. If you do not want that the cost is $15 a session.

How do I pick a session to attend?
You must stop by ConOps when you arrive at the convention to choose from a remaining session to attend the Maid Cafe. In the event you miss your scheduled session you may return to ConOps to choose another session. If you miss out on all sessions, or if the sessions completely fill, you may get a refund on your ticket. Once a ticket is redeemed it will not be refunded.

Can I purchase a ticket to the Maid Cafe at the convention?
Yes. Please stop by ConOps to purchase a ticket to the Maid Cafe. Tickets will not be sold at registration or online starting the Wednesday before the convention and will only be available at door in ConOps while they last.

Where do I purchase them right now online?
Right here! Look under Convention Extras for Maid Cafe tickets.

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