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Photography & Press

If you are a photographer or member of the press looking to attend the convention, please use the below information to learn more about our event and complete the following steps to reach out to us.


Professional photographers looking to attend Doki's Winter Fest will need to provide the following information to us in advance. 

We will do our best to honor your request, but please note if you fail to provide this information you will not be considered for our event. It is also at our sole discretion who to allow at our event to set up and offer their photography services at charge to our attendees.

As a professional photographer you must be in good standing in the community, and we do ask you forward us a link to your portfolio or socials so we can view your content.

Requests made by December 1st may not be considered, as it is close to our event dates and our staff get very busy. So please make sure you read the following carefully, complete the required information, and contact us before December to be considered.

Doki's Winter Fest is owned by Dokidokn LLC. Our photography policies apply to both it's summer convention and winter convention.

Our policy states:

By attending Dokidokon or Doki's Winter Fest, you are entering an area where photography, audio, and video recording will occur. You and those around you are consenting to being photographed and recorded. Photography is allowed and encouraged at the convention!


If someone does not wish to have their photo taken you must respect their wishes and not photograph them. Any child must have the parent or legal guardians' permission to be photographed. As a general rule always ask to take photos of persons.


In addition, please do not block hallways or entrances to any meeting rooms or fire exits. You may not take photos in private areas such as the inside of restaurants, restrooms, or persons private hotel rooms. If approached by a staff member and told to delete unwanted photos that have been brought to our attention, you must comply or be escorted off the property by the venue's security personnel. 

How to apply to be a photographer at Doki's Winter Fest

Follow the below instructions on how to apply to be a photographer at our event. If you have any concerns or questions you may of course email us in advance with these before completing the below steps.

  1. Put together a portfolio of some of your best work into a Google Drive folder OR have your portfolio/social links ready to attach in the email.

  2. Attach a current selfie of yourself to the email so we know what you look like :)

  3. Write a brief description of why you would like to attend our event, what other passions or hobbies you may have, and what got you into photography to begin with.

  4. Please let us know if you will be offering your photography services for free to attendees, or if you intend to charge them. If you intend to charge please list your rates and information on how attendees can get a hold of you to collect their photos after the convention. 

  5. Please also let us know if you will require a space to set up any photography backdrops or props, and if so what size space you will be needing including any height requirements. If you plan to roam the convention and take photos around the venue let us know.


Put all of the above into an email and send it to where Jason will receive it and respond back to you. Please make sure to save our email or mark it as not spam, otherwise you may need to check your spam folder for our reply.

Photography Policy


Members of local press or those who run online blogs or convention review channels may inquire about receiving a press badge. 

Your press badge grants you access to the weekend of events, opportunities to interview attendees/staff/special guests, and early entry to main events and special performances. 

In exchange for the press badge, we ask you provide us with feedback after the convention. If you take photos or videos, we ask to have access and permission to share these with credit on our socials or website. If you write a blog about our event or create a convention review video, we ask to be linked to that after the convention, with permission to share this with our attendees.

How to apply for a press badge at Doki's Winter Fest

To apply and secure a press badge to our event you will need to complete the following steps and reach out to us before December 1st. Any requests made after the 1st may not be accepted, so please don't wait.

  1. Contact us with your name, company you work for, and share any links you feel we need to know about that verify your identify.

  2. Let us know how many press badges you will need, and the names of the persons these badges will belong to.

  3. Let us know what days or times you would like to be in attendance, or any special events you would like to help cover or review.

  4. If you are with a local news outlet we ask you publish this press release in advance to help bring about awareness of our event.


Complete the above steps and email where Jason will reply back to you.


Dokidokon's Winter Fest takes place for the first time in Kalamazoo this December 29th-31st!


KALAMAZOO, MI- The inaugural Doki's Winter Fest is an anime and gaming Convention coming to Kalamazoo Michigan this December.  The event will take place December 29th-31st at the Radisson Plaza Hotel and Suites with events going all the way until midnight to ring in the New Year. The event will bring together anime enthusiasts, gamers, and cosplayers alike.

Doki's Winter Fest will feature concerts, interactive panels, as well as the Formal Ball. They will have two featured dance events, one on Saturday night and the other on Sunday night to celebrate New Years. There will be voice actors and special guests announced leading up to the event. In addition, for those who crave competition and cooperation, there is the Scavenger Hunt. Test your video game skills and reflexes and sign up for one of the gaming tournaments.

For those excited about anime goods and wanting to expand their cosplaying wares, there will be a variety of exhibitors present to satisfy shoppers looking for anime goods. To find unique art pieces, visit the Con Swap where event goers to bring their own merchandise for sale and trade.

The full schedule will be available online right before the start of the event in December. Details on admission pricing for the three-day event and the full schedule can be found at Get the winters’ hottest ticket for the best anime convention in Kalamazoo happening December 29th-31st 2023! 

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