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Events at Doki's Winter Fest 2023

We are working hard to bring you a weekend full of content! From panels, to concerts, to guest appearances and vendors!

Learn about events as they are announced by viewing the list below. We will also have a weekend schedule available starting December 1st, so be sure to check back for that when it is released!


Main Events Room

Learn about featured events happening in our Main Events room here.


Additional events may be added to the schedule later on, so be sure to check back on 12/1 when the full schedule is released. 


Opening Ceremonies

Friday at 2:00pm-2:30pm

Come to the first-ever opening ceremonies for Doki's Winter Fest! Here you'll hear more about highlighted events for the weekend, meet the featured guests, get to know some of the amazing convention staff members, and who knows what other surprises we may have for you!

Guest Q&A Panel

Friday at 4:30pm-5:30pm

Ever wanted to ask your favorite voice actor or musician a question? Here is your chance! Come hang with the featured guests as they discuss the various roles they have played, talk about how they got into voice acting, and answer your questions.

Saturday Night

Anime Thirst


DJ Dos Lopez

Brenda Lopez-Lopez aka DosLopez, is a Cosplay DJ. Natively born to Monterrey, Mexico. Moved to Michigan, adapting quickly to her new surroundings.


The beginning of her taste for performing began at the inquisitive age of 8. Now to this day, she is currently a part of 2 Bands called Dope Rhyme Villianz and 3D Mothership as The DJ. Dope Rhyme Villanz opened up for Wu-Tang Clan 2019.


DosLopez on their own has DJed with Many DJs in Scene. For now, she DJs on own without bands.🎶

Art by Dharc Art Studios

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This is where I'd put surprising information about the next DJ... (act surprised!)

Art by Dharc Art Studios

Sunday Night
New Year's Eve Dance:

Crave That Bass



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From the dance pads to the stage comes DJ EMCAT! Emily A., also known as Emcat, is a cosplayer, gamer, and cat-lover who is passionate about bringing danceable, nerdy, and high-energy music to the dance floor.


Inspired by con raves and rhythm gaming, she wants everyone to have fun, enjoy the music, and be themselves! Emcat’s favorite genres to spin are house, video game/anime remixes, hardcore, j-core, Eurodance, and dance music. She also has made her own video-game-inspired remixes and edits from her favorite series.

Emcat has played at both Michigan and out-of-state events including RaveStation, Beast in The East, Combocon, and VGM Con.


She looks forward to cosplaying during her set and choosing a variety of hype tracks for you!


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R O C K Y is best known having a heavy influence of Dance Dance Revolution and old-school rave anthems, R O C K Y brings out the euphoric spirits within us all. Using a blend of happy hardcore, dubstep, and a plethora of genres, the ghost conductor creates an orchestra of euphoric and heavy sounds!

E-Gaming & Tabletop Gaming

Learn more about the video game and tabletop game rooms at Doki's Winter Fest.


Tournament information will also be shared below, but if you'd like to host a tournament or teach others a favorite board game please reach out to us!


E-Gaming room hours

Friday 2pm-Midnight, Saturday 10am-Midnight, Sunday 10am-11pm

Our convention owned video game room offers VR, Console, and PC gaming! Our newest additions also include Stepmania and additional PCs for 5v5 tournaments. Interested in helping out in the E-Gaming department or have a tournament you'd like to run? Reach out to us!

Tabletop room hours

Friday at 2:30pm-11:30pm, Saturday10am-Midnight, Sunday 10am-11pm

The tabletop game room is hosted by Dokidokon and it's staff member Emily really knows her stuff! Come check out any of the over 100+ board games or sign up for DnD sessions or 'Let's play' sessions where we teach you how to play some pretty cool board games.


Have any games you no longer play and would like to donate to the library? Contact us and for every 3 games donated we will offer you a free weekend badge to either next years Winter Con or Kalamazoo's favorite summer convention, Dokidokon!

Vendor Room

We are pleased to present a vendor room where we invite around 100 vendors to come sell their wares.

If you are an Artist or Exhibitor who is interested in vending with us you may fill out either form located near the bottom on the home page here.


Image taken by Manny Revilla at Dokidokon 2022

Room Hours

Friday at 1:00pm-7:00pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-6pm

VIP Badge holders will get 30 minutes of early access to the vendor room on Saturday.

Who will be vending

See a list of Artists and Exhibitors that will be at Doki's Winter Fest below and click on their icon to view their website.

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