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Dance Policies 

  1. We do not allow bags into this event. The only exception is a wristlet, which our staff will search before allowing you entry.

  2. We do not allow bottles into this event. We have water stations outside the room.


   In order to keep everyone safe these policies will be enforced at the door to this event. 

   Please take bags to your hotel room or see Con Ops.

Featuring DJ Hazmatiq

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Jace Hayes, under the stage alias Hazmatiq is currently a student at Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Pursuing a degree in Music Technology from IUPUI. 

Hazmatiq has frequented the convention scene in the midwest since 2017, booked initially at Dokidokon in Kalamazoo, Michigan and it has since become his home convention in which he is booked nearly every year. He has also brought his talents to electronic dances at local Indianapolis conventions, including Anime Crossroads and the late AmaiCon.


Hazmatiq is proficient in creating mixes and remixes for the entertainment of his audience, eager to get a crowd jumping and headbanging into the wee hours of the morning. With his pursuit of his music technology degree he is becoming a budding music producer. His passion and love for music is pushing him to create his own unique sound. His inspirations vary widely in the genres of Electronic Dance Music.

DJ. The cute one. 青空のナイフ. Known for weeb tracks with a heavy dose of videogame and club edm, Riku has been shaking things up on the decks since 2011. Starting in the underground club scene in Detroit, making their way to the decks at various conventions, including Colossalcon, Ohayocon, Jafax, and Matsuricon along with DrinkWaterSquad's Hydration Station during lockdown.

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Featuring DJ Riku Namako

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