Join us in welcoming the Adventure Group!

We're the Adventure Group, a group of Chicago-based friends that goes to conventions, eats hot peppers, and has fun!

We try to put on panels that we've always wanted to see at other conventions. Stop by at our events and say hi, and like our Facebook page!


Panels & Events

- Anime Game Show! -

Think you know everything about anime? Come to this panel where your knowledge of anime trivia is put to the test!

- Cosplay Chess -

Cosplay Chess is exactly what it sounds like - a giant game of live chess...with cosplayers as the pieces! You do NOT have to know how to play chess to participate in Cosplay Chess. We will have two game masters who will be moving you across the board. It is your job to come up with an attack scene and a death scene to spice up the game if you happen to take a piece or be “killed.”

- Hot Pepper Panel -

Want to join in the fun of watching others inflict pain on themselves for your entertainment? Come to the Hot Pepper Panel, where lovers of all things geeky eat a hot pepper and then attempt to explain the plot line of different anime and video games! Fun, laughs, and tears from peppers will be guaranteed.

- Jojo’s Bizarre Gameshow -

Think you know everything about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? Join us for some JJBA-related games! Win "Name That Tune," "Jojo Taboo," or "Pictionary" for some prizes. And of course, some crazy posing will be guaranteed as well.

- Wario’s Kamp for Wayward Kon-goers -

Join the Adventure Group as we play wacky interactive games together! You'll feel like you're playing those crazy mini-games from Mario Party...except you won't (necessarily) catch on fire if you lose! 

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