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Swap Meet

A 'garage sale' type event for convention-goers!

Anime, Manga, Plushies, DVD's, Cosplays, Fabric, and more!


Every year Dokidokon hosts a Swap Meet event on Sunday of the convention. This event invites attendees to bring unwanted merchandise to sell or trade with other attendees. Pretty cool, right?!

Here are some items we allow at the swap meet for sale or trade:

Image by Adrianna Rae


Image by Raamin ka


Ethnic Fabrics


Scrapbooking Table

Crafting Supplies


Image by Miika Laaksonen

Manga & Comics

Here are some things not allowed at the swap meet for sale/trade:

Video Games/Consoles

Golden Retriever


Image by Johnny Wang

Cosplayer Prints



Dokidokon is not responsible for the operation of sales during this event. All sales are agreed upon by the seller and buyer. 

If you would like to bring items to the swap meet you can download the PDF with more information
here. If you plan on attending the Swap Meet please check the official convention schedule when it is released to know what time and the room it takes place in on Sunday!

Do you have unwanted items you'd like to donate to the Silent Auction instead? Reach out to us via the form below! 

Silent Auction donation contact form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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