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  • Founded July of 2020 in response to the lack of charity streams for small and medium-sized nonprofits.

  • Seeks to reinvent the way charity streamers give back.

  • Works alongside small nonprofits to facilitate access to funding through online giving they may not have been equipped to raise.

  • Has raised over $45,000 for charity to date.

  • Focuses on creating individualized charity events with their network of over 200 volunteers, knowing streamers of all sizes can make a difference.

  • In the top 12 Streamlabs Charity nonprofits by amount raised to date.

  • Has worked with over 25 Unique Charity Organizations.

  • Hosts their signature 48 raid weekend events once a month, with special events such as tournaments and campaigns.

  • Believes in the importance of giving to community-based agencies.

  • Founded on principles of grassroots community advocacy.

  • Works one on one with volunteers to foster dialogue about missions and causes through their online platforms and communities.

Stream for a Cause knows we can do more together than we could do alone. Our staff and volunteer content creators work side by side to create unique charity stream events that help fund a wide variety of small, community-based organizations. By helping creators of all sizes to construct custom charity events tailored to the community and creating memorable experiences; our organization is able to spread positivity while raising funds! SfaC stands by content creators every step of the way, even during the charity stream, to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. With a focus on entertainment, community celebration, and unique experiences we aim to take the stress and confusion out of planning a charity stream.


We know the important contribution charity streamers and content creators have on shaping the world. Whether hosting our signature 48 hour raid weekends, planning programs and giveaways, or working with their volunteers to help upgrade their equipment through the Streamer Incentive Program; Stream for a Cause knows that online fundraising is a powerful way to create change.


We also believe that each of their volunteer creators has the opportunity and platform to advocate and make a positive impact in the world.  There is no community that is too small to be able to make a difference.  Take it from Gofef, one of our volunteer streamers and leader of the Pride Streamers community group: “Stream for a Cause has empowered our community to gather together and truly leverage their platforms to support local nonprofits. With the support of SfaC we have truly been able to live by the ‘no stream too small’ mentality and have given back to our local communities across the globe. Even as small streamers and a small community, SfaC has allowed each streamer to truly feel like the star of the show and has encouraged them to do more than we ever thought possible! ” By taking the time to do a charity stream and advocating for the importance of responsible giving, all volunteers are an important part of the SfaC team. These streams create a dialogue bringing the missions of the many non-profit organizations to the forefront of an online platform.

Our staff work directly with the leadership from many small nonprofits around the world to ensure the funds their volunteers raise are put to good use. The nonprofit organizations that partner with us are able to speak to their missions and programs, driving the conversation about their own needs. By working directly with the nonprofits and listening to their needs, we are able to support their initiatives through transformational gifts.


From helping homeless veterans receive resources they need to creating meaningful opportunities for pediatric cancer patients to experience an escape into a world of gaming, we are humbled to partner with organizations that are working everyday to change the world.


With traditional grants and transformational gifts, a small nonprofit may not have the tools to deal with the cumbersome rules and regulations associated with the gift. Funding from SfaC is accessible and open which makes even the smallest of nonprofits to be able to handle in an easy and pragmatic way. Jimmy Weller, the executive director of Charity Gaming, had this to say about working with our organization, “Stream for a Cause is a beautiful nonprofit.  They reached out to me, trying to help smaller nonprofits like us and having their community surround us and understand what we are trying to do and support us wholeheartedly. They are an amazing nonprofit that a lot of charities in the gaming community really need.”   Stream for Cause knows that the small organizations, like Charity Gaming, are examples of boots on the ground nonprofits located in communities all over the world and are providing personalized, and oftentimes life-saving resources, to individuals in a way larger organizations can’t always do.

Each nonprofit that we are honored to work with and help to create funding opportunities for is a well vetted, researched, and thoughtful organization that is rolling up their sleeves and fostering real change. When selecting organizations, the our team is knowledgeable about how the transformational gift is used and advocates for responsible spending on behalf of their volunteers.  Oftentimes, our volunteers are instrumental in guiding the organization to small nonprofits through their own passions.  Together, the SfaC team is able to make amazing opportunities happen for community based agencies near and dear to the hearts of their volunteers.


We know that everyone can make a difference in the lives of others and works with their content creators to make it possible. By working as a team this organization is showing that anyone is capable of making positive changes all over the world and they show no signs of slowing down.  In just a few short months, the Stream for a Cause team has been able to raise tens of thousands of dollars and provide funding for twenty-five unique nonprofits offering direct services to communities. By using this innovative and inspiring model, Stream for a Cause is truly reinventing the way we give online.

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