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Harassment and Cosplay is NOT Consent

Convention Policies and General Cosplay Rules

Cosplay Masquerade Rules

Harassment & Cosplay is NOT Consent

Dokidokon will not tolerate harassment. Harassment may include, but is not limited to: words spoken and heard by others, hand made or purchased signs, offensive jokes, e-mail ‘jokes’ or statements, pranks, intimidation, contact or physical assaults, or violence.


Dokidokon firmly believes ‘Cosplay is not consent’. Never is it okay to lay hands on a person without their consent. This includes, but is not limited to: Hugging or glomping, placing hands on a person for photos, taking a photo when the cosplayer say’s ‘no’. Cosplayers are never ‘asking for it’.


If you experience harassment while in cosplay at Dokidokon we ask you to bring it to the staff’s attention immediately. If you experience another person(s) being harassed we ask you to take a stand with that person, and for the both of you to find a staff member to report said harassment so that we can take care of the situation.


We want everyone to have a fun safe and safe time while at Dokidokon, and although our staff will do everything they can to help provide that we still need YOUR HELP in reporting any harassment or suspicious behavior. 


Join our discussion or ask us questions here at the following link. You may also provide helpful feedback if you found some ways to help defuse situations you have personally been or if you would like to share how it was handled. 

Cosplay & Convention Policies/Rules

Please see these Policies/Rules by clicking the DOC or PDF.​

COSPLAY Masquerade Rules

Please see Our Cosplay Page HERE!

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