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Silent Auction

An event close to our heart

Every year we host a Silent Auction where the funds raised go directly to non-profit organizations.


In 2021 you all helped raise $1,900.01!


Message from Stream for a Cause who helped with 2021's Silent Auction

"This weekend Stream for a Cause wasn’t about one person or one idea, we wanted to show what we could do by working together as a team, and you blew our minds. Together as a convention, we were able to raise $1,900.01 for some of our grant programs benefitting small nonprofits.

As many of you may have heard, Stream for a Cause is a nonprofit that believes everyone can make a difference. We raise money and reinvest that as grants to small nonprofits that are doing the work to build up communities all over the world. This weekend, we are excited to share two great places which will be benefitting from this cons charitable contributions.

Warriors and Survivors eSports Gaming lounge is going to take the money YOU all raised and transform that into care packages from cancer survivors to people stepping into the hospital for their first cancer treatments. These packages include game books, hand made blankets, personal supplies and snacks, and most importantly hand written support cards from cancer survivors who know what they are going through. These cards will give support and hope to people who may have none left and this weekend you all made that possible. Through the contributions this weekend at con and on stream, we are able to provide 250 bags for these individuals! Your donations also support a more local program, the Art Center of Battle Creek which will use the funding they received to host art programs for veterans and adults with disabilities to create opportunities to experience participating in art they may have never received.”

Looking to donate to the Silent Auction?

We accept donated items for the silent auction year round. To help contribute to this event via item donation please visit the Swap Meet page and fill out the Silent Auction Donation button located on that page.

We accept cash donations online anytime for the Silent Auction via Paypal. You may click the button to make a monetary donation online. 

You can donate at the convention by taking part and bidding on the items available. If you win an item or bundle you may complete payment via Paypal or cash at ConOps when collecting your winning item.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Sponsors of this event who have donated will be shared below.

We appreciate you so much!

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