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When Shockolate Energy was little she saw shows such as Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon, Card Captors, and Digimon, just to name a few. She loved how they dressed and always wanted to fight for justice.


In the next coming years, she started reading manga and wanting to dress as
anime characters. Shockolate has been attending conventions since 2008. She started cosplaying in 2009 and hasn't
looked back since.


Shockolate is a plus-size cosplayer, as well as a strong believer, an advocate for cosplay equality, as well as spreading positive vibes throughout the community. She has also started a project called #cosplaycompliment that encourages cosplayers to feel awesome in cosplay.

Shockolate has been to over 50+ conventions and has done over 60 different cosplays over the years and has learned how to use patterns, sewing, crafting and prop making with the power of coupons to her advantage! Shockolate also loves to do alternative versions of cosplay as well as
artwork versions.

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Athena from Saint Seiya Photocredit Shiningeternity (1).jpg
Photographer Credit: Shiningeternity
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One of the main focuses Shockolate has been implementing over the past couple of years is “giving back to the community that gave to her” when she started cosplaying.

By doing so she has given away as well as taught essentials things that a lot of up-and-coming cosplayers need to start cosplaying!
Shockolate Energy has also been on panels regarding Diversity in Cosplay, Cosplaying and
Conventions on a Budget, Do you want a Mini Waifu or Husbando? Guide to Figurine
Collecting! and Cosplay Positively.

She has also been featured in Cosplay +, Punk Black, and Funk the Formula Magazine as well as the #28daysofblackcosplay movement. She was also voted Cosplayer of the year for the Untitled Nerd Network for 2018.