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Sew Excited Cosplay

Featured Cosplay Guest

Jessi from Sew Excited Cosplay has been in the cosplay community for over 10 years.

Winning multiple awards for attention to detail and artistic approach to design, she enjoys working with a variety of materials to create her wearable art.   


Best described as a big sister of cosplay, she loves helping others on their crafting journey and often troubleshoots cosplay mending and repairs with her cosplay triage booth.


She’s hosted panels ranging from cosplay travel and crafting to cleaning and repair.  Her Youtube channel hosts a variety of project builds, reviews, and DIYs. 

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Photographer Credit: Rogue13Media
Photographer Credit: Rogue13Media

Jessi can often be found using her cosplay talents to promote fun community and charity events.


The best part about cosplay is making friends and learning new skills along the way.


When she's not crafting she can be found playing tabletop games such as D&D and Pathfinder, or running dungeons with her fellow free company members on Final Fantasy XIV.

Photographer Credit: Elemental Photography
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