Photographer: PockyThief
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Dokidokon welcomes Pockythief Cosplay!

Alex aka. MyuuMarie (previously know as Pockythief) is a cosplay model, self-taught seamstress, and makeup artist from Chicago, Illinois. After going to her first convention in 2010 she fell in love with the hobby and began learning how to create her own costumes.


From modeling to crafting she enjoys every aspect of cosplaying! She strives to improve her cosplays by always trying to learn new and different techniques as well as utilizing many resources to help bring the outfits and the character to life! Cosplaying for her has been an outlet for her creativity to shine through.


Her goal is to share her knowledge, skill, and passion for the hobby with everyone who enjoys cosplay too. 

Photographer: PockyThief

Pockythief Panels at Dokidokon 2020!

Cosplaying on a Budget

Let's save money! Learn how to properly budget, prioritize, and plan cosplays as well as learn the best ways to save money on this already expensive hobby with Pockythief! This panel will go over all the tips and tricks on how to cosplay on a budget!

Cosplayer’s Guide to Elaborate Costumes and Props

Let's get crafty! Learn some amazing tips and tricks to improve your cosplay game and create some crazy and elaborate cosplays with Pockythief! This panel will educate you on how to utilize and broaden your skills to create some amazing cosplays.

Cosplayer's Guide to Instagram

Instagram is a popular outlet for cosplays to share cosplay! Learn some tricks and tips with Pockythief and Mangoe on how to improve your Instagram game to reach more people and create engaging quality content.

Photographer: PockyThief
Photographer: infinite_lemon_arts