Question about panels at Dokidokon? See below!

What is an 18+ panels?

An 18+ panel is only for those of 18 years of age or older to attend. You MUST BE 18+ in order to get into these panels. At this time we are not allowing attendees under the age of 18 entry to any 18+ panels or events, not even with a parent/guardian/adult that is 18+. Sorry.

Will my panel be accepted?

We will do our best to provide unique content, so we will be screening panels as they come in, and we will do our best to get back to you quickly to let you know if your panel has been Accepted, unaccepted, or put on a hold list. What each of those mean is listed below. Accepted: Your panel will be part of the unique programming of Dokidokon, and it will be your responsibility to contact the Head of Programming as soon as possible should you be unable to host your panel for whatever reason. Failure to do so will put you on the 'No show' list, and the probability any panel submissions from you for second year of being accepted are greatly decreased. Unaccepted: Your panel was denied and will not be part of our programming at con. More than likely this is due to either; Failure to contact you due to error in email or phone number, too many similar panel submissions, violates our Panel Policy. Hold List: Your panel is added to the 'Hold List', so if any panelists have to back out for whatever reason and a slot opens up we can fill those empty slots with panels on this list. You would be notified ASAP if you are on this list and a spot opens for your panel. It is your responsibility to respond right away so we know you want the slot. Otherwise we will do a follow up email and pass this on to the next one on the list.

How long can my panel be?

We have various timeslots for panels available upon request when completing the form. They range from: 1 Hour (55m) 1-1/2 hours (1hr 25m) or longer upon request.

Will I get to pick the time for my panel?

With the amount of panels we receive we have to account for unique programming and the limited rooms available to have panels in. We will do our absolute best to try and get the timeslot you opted for when completing the form. If you are submitting more than one panel then please list the other panels you submitted on each form including the time-slot(s) you opted for so we cannot schedule you against yourself.

Do I get anything for hosting a panel?

Our undying love for being a part of what makes Dokidokon unique and fun for everyone attending! But seriously, we will do our best to make sure your panel runs smoothly on the tech side of things. And we will do panelists badges for those that submit 4+ panels and have their panels accepted, as well as a few other surprise goodies for our Panelists. This means 4+ hours worth of paneling on the panelist’s part, and would mean a free badge to next years Dokidokon.

What is the difference between 'Workshop' and 'Classroom' panels?

The difference in panel room types is explained below. Workshop: Has table(s) and electric outlets and is best for hands-on or interactive learning panels such as sewing 101 panels, working with craft foam, and so on. Best for attendance of 10-20 people. Classroom: This panel room will be set for fan run panels that don't require room to be active. Examples of a classroom style panel would be 'Hogwarts: Q&A', Homestuck!, Batman: Hero or Villian?'. The setup for classroom is typically one table, and chairs for attendees and host to sit in. A projector or speakers is available for classroom panels upon request. Best for attendance of 20-30 people. Empty Room: This panel room is completely empty. Why anyone would request an empty panel room is beyond me, but do make sure if you select this you inform us what the purpose of your panel and needing an empty room would be. Best for attendance of 20-30 people. Main Events Room: This is where opening and closing ceremonies is held, as well as the larger events like Anime Idol and the Masquerade are held. If you need a larger space or project a large crowd for your panel (perhaps the topic of your panel is a popular one currently) then this would be the room for you. Best for attendance of 50-100 people. We will do our best to work panels in to the desired time slots and rooms, but please understand we cannot accompany everyone's needs. If you have a concern or question just shoot us an email!

When will I know if my panel has been accepted?

When the form for Panel Submissions have closed we will go through the panels and work them into the schedule. To the best of our ability we will try and get as many panels as we can into our program, however, we will be unable to accept every panel submitted due to time restraints. If you completed the form please check your email the first week of May! We will also be doing our very best to not have repeated or similar programming. Please understand this all takes time. We will do our best to email everyone who submitted panels no later then a month after the form closes, which will be announced on here and our Facebook page.