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  • How do I pick up my badge?
    If you pre-register online you'll be sent an email confirmation of your badge(s). All badges must be picked up at the convention unless you purchased the VIP badge before June 10th, in which case your badge will be mailed to the address you provided. You have three options for picking up your badge at the convention; Print off the email confirmation of your badges and when you arrive at the convention get in the Pre-Registered line. Show the print off confirmation to the staff member and they will give you your badge. Take your mobiel device and download the email confirmation (or take a screenshot of it) and show it to the staff member at the Pre-registered table. Forgot to print off the confirmation and don't have good cell service? No problem! Bring your Goverment issued ID to confirm your identity when picking up your badge. Simply show the official staff member at the Pre-registered table your ID and they will look up your badge info. If you would like your badge mailed to you please consider getting the VIP badge! If you pre-register online before June 10th and get the VIP badge your badge will be mailed to you via USPS. You will want to stop by the VIP table when you get to the convention for your goodie bag and special perks, so don't forget!
  • Will you have single day passes available?
    Yes! You can pre-register online for a weekend badge, and the week of the convention we will open up single day pre-reg online. You will then be able to select a single day pass. You may also show up at the event and register for a single day pass, but we reccomend registering online the week of when that goes live so you can skip waiting in line longer.
  • Do you have discount badges for children?
    Children under the age of 7 do not require a badge. Child badges are discounted from the adult badges. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a supervisory adult who also purchases a badge at the adult price. (max 2 children per adult). Badges must be purchased at the same time to get the discount for the child, and single day badges for children at the door are the same price as adults, there is no discount for single day registration for children. Children under the age of 7 are admitted to Dokidokon free with the purchase of an adult weekend registration. Children under the age of 7 do not need to buy a badge or register. If your child is under the age of 16 they must be with you at all times. Dokidokon is not your child's babysitter.
  • What comes with the VIP badge?
    Our VIP badges come with extra perks on top of the access to the event long events. VIP Badge holders will receive: • Fast check-in at ConOps • Welcome bag when you arrive which includes: 1. Collectible VIP Badge to Dokidokon! 2. Collectible T-Shirt 3. One Free Ticket to the Maid Cafe at Dokidokon 4. One free Adult badge to Kokorokon, an Anime & Gaming convention taking place in Collinsville Illinois August 25th-27th 2023 Your VIP badge also includes: • Two autographs from guests (vs 1 from the normal badge) • Early access to the Vendor room on Saturday and Sunday • Front of line access to Main Events • Access to Cereal and Cartoons on Saturday (VIP exclusive)
  • Do you have discount badges for teachers, military, or students?"
    At this time Dokidokon does not have discounted badges for teachers, students, or military. By registering for the convention and in purchasing a badge you help us put on a great event, and in turn help us to be able to continue Dokidokon for years to come. ​ We believe in offering the best deal we can to our attendees, and our pre-reg early bird specials get as low as $25 for a weekend badge. You can sign up for our email listing or follow us on social media to get the notification when the early bird special goes live!
  • I bought a badge but now I can't come. What do I do?
    We understand situations arise and suddenly a convention you had planned on attending you may no longer be able to attend, for whatever reason. We will do our best to work with you in refunding your badge. ​ We will determine what to do by using multiple factors, the primary being the date you purchased your badge. It is our sole discretion what we can do to help out, and some conventions would not even offer a refund. However we understand, we have been there, and will do our best for you. If you find you suddenly can't make the con, and have already pre-registered, please use the contact form right away so a staff member can assist you. ​ We cannot issue refunds the month of the convention, sorry. This means any refund requests sent in July will not be accepted. We do our best to honor refund requests up until 30 days to the event. ​ NOTE: Vendors who have purchased their table(s) must abide by the guidelines when they applied and will not be refunded for their table(s).
  • Can I get a refund on my badge?
    We understand situations come up where you may be unable to attend Dokidokon, but have already secured your badge with our pre-reg rate. We do our very best to honor refunds and to initiate those in a timely fashion, however please note that we will be unable to issue any refunds during the month of Dokidokon (July). We are sorry you cannot attend, but we will not issue a refund 30 days prior to the convention. We hope you understand and will try to attend next year!
  • Can I let someone else pick up my badge?
    In short, no. The reason we check for both a confirmation or ID is to make sure we can account for everyone who is attending. Even if you are arriving at a later time we still need to have you pick up your badge, not your friend. The information collected when you register is for your safety while attending, so by checking in and picking up your badge we are not only able to verify you are here, but make sure the information provided is correct in case of an emergency.
  • Can I give my badge to a friend?
    We only accept badge transfers up until July 1st. In order to transfer your badge to a friend you will need to do the following; Contact Ari at and make the subject be 'Badge Transfer'. Provide the following information and wait for a response from Ari to confirm the transfer. You will need to provide your full legal name, email address used when registering online. You will also need to provide us with the First and Last name of the person who will be taking your badge, and their email address to we can contact them and have them register. Once we have the friend registered your badge will become voided in our system. All badge transfers MUST BE APPROVED this way and must be for the same badge type. No transfers will be allowed starting July 1st. If you cannot make it we are sorry. Our badge refund policy is valid up until the month of the convention (July 1st), so please make sure you either ask for a refund before July or follow the steps to transfer your badge to a friend.
  • I am Under 16 Years old/Do Not Have a Form of ID, Why do I Need a Guardian to Sign In with Me?"
    Dokidokon is held in downtown Kalamazoo, the heart of a medium-sized metropolitan area, and we would not want anything to happen to any of our attendees. Minors are always welcome to attend the convention, but Dokidokon is an entertainment event, not a babysitting service. We encourage parents to accompany their kids when at the convention, and suggest that families take some time while in Kalamazoo to see some of the attractions in the local area (Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum, Henderson Castle, etc.). We have no way to verify identity for registration if an attendee does not have a valid, identifiable form of ID, so we require that attendees without IDs have a friend (18 or older) or parent/guardian to sign in with them.
  • Can I pick which team I am on?
    We will allow you to pick a team to be on when you arrive at the convention! Our staff will monitor the teams and have out the team colors that are in need of members at the time of your arrival!
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