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Natalie Rose Hoover

Special Guest

Born and raised in Oregon, Natalie always had creative flair and passion for the arts. She enrolled herself in several art and theater organizations at a young age to explore what would soon become a lifelong passion.

Natalie self taught Japanese with anything she could get her hands on at the local library. Throughout her education, she participated in many creative after school activities and continued studying Theater, Japanese, and Art.

Voice Acting debut was aired on TOONAMI in the popular series Sword Art Online. Followed by starring in the Kickstarter animated film KICK HEART and was directly chosen by Masaaki Yuasa.

Natalie is the English voice for Nikki in the popular mobile game LOVE NIKKI! DRESS UP BEAUTY QUEEN. The game became a social media hit and garnered several influential awards in the industry and has attracted nearly 100 million registered users.

You can hear her voice featured in the popular titles  
Danganronpa Love Nikki ; Cardcaptor Sakura ; One Piece ; BOFURI ; PaladinsSword Art Online ;  Kakegurui Twin ; Takt.op Destiny ; The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! ; Fruits Basket ; Welcome to Demon School Iruma! 
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