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Major Shigo

Cosplay Guest

MajorShigo is a cosplayer, seamstress, and competitor! She found her love of cosplaying through social media and has been cosplaying since 2017.


Major’s first cosplay was the first cosplay she’d ever sewn (by hand) and from then on her love for sewing and cosplaying has grown since. Major has been sewing since she was 8-years-old making doll clothes with a $20 sewing machine and liquid glue; It later elevated to making her own clothes from upcycling old clothes!

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Major loves the amount of creative freedom she could use to make cosplays. She loves adding extra trims, laces, and using variants of fabric to make her cosplays have a more “live-action” style. She’s always loved how costumes from anime series turned into live-action outfits look so much more lifelike than being a 2D/3D image. To her, the different fabrics they used, the extra detailing with beads, colors and such always made it look more high quality and are the source of her inspiration.

MajorShigo’s favorite characters to cosplay are girls that have a princess-like appearance to them while being decked out in armor. Characters like Noelle (Genshin Impact), Saber (Fate Grand/Order), and Knight Miku (Vocaloid) are her favorite, especially when they have cool huge weapons! She loves how they can look super cute with a skirt, but still carry and fight like a champ! 

MajorShigo’s “15th Anniversary Strawberry Miku” cosplay won Best in Show at Anime Magic!’s 2022 Cosplay Contest.

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