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Kawaii Kakakomi

How Does It Work?

  • Submit your fanfiction entry before the convention*

    • *Any submissions during the panel may be accepted but not chosen to win the prize

  • Write your fanfiction based on the theme chosen in the Form below

  • The entries will be judged after the weekend by the host and the convention staff. There will be a Host's choice and a Staff's choice winner. 

  • All entries will be compiled into a PDF and posted online after the judging and winners are chosen.

What Happens At The Convention?

  • There will be a panel where all entries will be read out

  • There will be laughs, cringe, and overall fun!

  • Hope to see you there!

Winners will receive a $100 gift card to Amazon

Contest Rules (Updated 8.7.23):

  1. Entries must be submitted through the form above before the day of the reading panel to be considered to win the prize.

  2. Entries must be works of fanfiction based on a source that is Japanese of origin. Anime, manga, video games, and live-action sources are acceptable.

  3. Entries must be 500 words in length; exactly! Hyphenated words will be counted as multiple words.

  4. Entries must not exceed a PG-13 rating. Meaning no extreme violence or sexual content. You get to use one F-word.

  5. Entries must be related to the prompt (The theme will be announced in the Submission Form)

  6. One entry per person.

Questions? Contact - Subject Line: "Fanfiction Question"

Staff's Choice

Host's Choice

2023 Winners!

To The Moon
by Saotome Ranchan

Flames In Space
by DementeDxACE

 Current Years Stories

 Prior Years Stories

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