Dokidokon's Karaoke sessions are hosted by Aeonica Cosplay!

Karaoke signups are hosted onsite. The rules are simple and designed to maximize the fun for everyone involved!

1. Karaoke is a positive atmosphere! Positive cheering only!

2. Sign up for ONE song at a time. While many of us may dream of our own concert, there are LOTS who want to sing!

3. You may sign up again AFTER you've performed!

4. All signups must be PG! This is an event for everyone. This means no racial or sexual slurs.

5. Signups will be digital. To maximize everyone's comfort, signups will be contactless via your mobile device. Note, you may still only sign up for ONE song at a time! Multiple entries made before you sing (I have a live list at the DJ desk) will be skipped to ensure fairness. 

6. Aeonica loves to create and promote fun, positive events for everyone, including all manner of performing arts! To keep up with Aeonica's karaoke, Anime Idol shows and other events, you may follow him on facebook as Aeonica Cosplay!