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As volunteer staff do I get a free badge?

We like to reward our volunteers for their hard work! If you work 12 or more hours in total you will be refunded the cost of your badge in total. If you only work half that (6 hours) you will get half the cost of your pre-reg badge refunded.

Volunteers will also get special perks like: Free training, access to the staff sweet with snacks and goodies all weekend long, as well as a staff badge and armband!

What if I don't work 12+ hours?

You will still get access to the staff sweet, and receive a staff armband (: And those that work at least 6 hours will get half the cost of their pre-reg badge refunded!

What if I was scheduled for a shift but can't make it?

Failure to report this to the shift manager will result in privileges being revoked and leading up to being removed as staff. We understand things happen. Maybe you can't make it to con suddenly, or your car breaks down and you will be late, or worse yet you caught the con plague. Either way it is your responsibility to report your missing a shift to the Shift Manager ASAP! Reports must be made no later then 1 hour before shift change/start.

How do I contact my departments head?

If accepted as a volunteer you will be emailed your department name as well as contact information. You must report to that department via email to be included in on updates, as well as to inform the department head if you suddenly can't make it to con or need to be removed as a volunteer in said department.

Interested in joining us as a Staff member?

As our convention grows we open up new staff positions and look for people to help out more! These positions range from Assistant positions, to general help in departments that need extra help. You can see the form and read up on positions currently available. See the 'Staffing Opportunities' at the bottom of the page.