Hideyo Mochimo

Hideyo Mochimo has been cosplaying since 2006 when a high school friend told him that he should join him at a con and "it would look weird if [he] didn't dress up". Ever since then, cosplay has been his absolute passion.

Over the twelve years he has participated in this hobby, he has hand-made over 200 cosplays, ranging from things like anime, to Disney, scifi, movies, and even obscure things like Broadway. He has won several awards, including Best Performance in the Intermediate Category and Runner-Up to Best in Show, and has guested at several conventions across the United States including Starfest, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and ThyGeekdomCon.

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Photographer- Heidi Munk Photography 
Photographer- Affliction Media Productions

As a trans cosplayer, he is all about accepting ourselves for who we are, and thinks cosplay is a beautiful way to express that, and something he wants to share with anyone he is fortunate enough to meet at conventions all over the United States!  

Photographer- Double Helix Photography 


Crossplay and Genderbend 101

Have you ever wanted to perfect the art of cosplaying as a gender other than your own? Have you wanted to take a cosplay and alter it to fit the gender you identify as? This is the panel for you! Learn about what crossplay and gender-bending actually is, as well as how to achieve these types of cosplay to the best of your abilities - discussion about binding, stuffing, packing, makeup, etc. all apply at this educational panel!

Cosplay and Confidence

Cosplay brings a lot of confidence to all of us, but can also be quite difficult - with so much competition going on, it can be hard to not compare ourselves to others. Open discussion on how to be confident in a hobby that you love, how to feel more proud of your work, and talk about situations that have happened to audience members and others in the past that might have waived their confidence, but how they got through them and blossomed into the strong, confident cosplayers you all deserve to be!

Safety in Cosplay (Cosplay is NOT Consent!)

Unfortunately, conventions can not always be the safest environments. With thousands of strangers
gathering into one small group, some of them new to the convention scene and not knowing proper
convention etiquette, making sure to stay safe is key. Learn tips and tricks on how to keep yourself safe against harassment, share stories with others about harassment and how we can ban together to stop this as cosplayers, and become consent warriors to protect our fellow cosplayers!