Video Gaming

Information about our Video Game room may be found here!


Tabletop Gaming

Calling all gamers!  Get ready for Tabletop Gaming at Dokidokon 2021!  

Game Library:

This year we’re excited to bring you a selection of 70+ board games for gamers of all ages and experience levels!  Our gaming volunteers will be happy to help you find a game to suit your interests, or teach you how to play!


RPG One-Shots:

Are you interested in being a Dungeon Master? 

We’re looking for experienced DMs to host one-shots (single session adventures)

ranging anywhere from 1-3 hours in length.  Any RPG System is welcome!

If you’re interested in hosting a game, please email us the following information:

  • Your Name

  • RPG System

  • How Many Players (min and max)

  • Approximate Duration

  • Difficulty Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

  • Short Description of the Adventure


Miniature Painting:

New this year!  Do you have a character in need of a custom painted miniature? 

We’ll have a variety of minis available, as well as paints and supplies so you

can make them your own!


Play To Win Raffle:

Every time you check out and play a game from our Game Library, you’ll receive a raffle ticket!  Throughout the weekend we’ll raffle off some fabulous prizes, and all you have to do to enter is play games to your heart’s content!


Board Game Spotlight:  SPIRIT ISLAND


Players: 1-4

Play Time: ~2 hours

Spirit Island is a cooperative game in which players control elemental spirits working together to protect an island and its native inhabitants from colonial settlers.  Each elemental deity has unique abilities, and throughout the game you will be able to build your deck of powers to combat the invaders. Each turn, invaders will explore, build, and ravage your lands and torment the native inhabitants, the Dahan.  Your goal, as a team, is to drive away the settlers by physically destroying them and striking fear into their hearts!

This is a very challenging game!  Communication and teamwork are key, as keeping up with the invaders and protecting the Dahan is no simple task.  This game is heavy on strategy and extremely light on luck. Recommended for moderate to experienced gamers. The Branch and Claw expansion is also a must!  It adds more spirits to choose from, and an Event deck which can either help or hinder the players. Also look forward to another major expansion: Jagged Earth, coming in May of 2020!

Board Game Spotlight:  CHAMPIONS OF MIDGARD


Players: 2-4 (or 5 with Dark Mountains Expansion)

Play Time: 90 Minutes

Champions of Midgard is a worker placement game that takes place in the world of Vikings and Norse mythology.  Players must ready their forces to defeat terrifying monsters in a glorious battle to the death! But don’t forget to protect the city from wandering trolls, or the whole town will blame you for leaving them high and dry!  After 8 years of battling monsters, the player with the most glory will be victorious!


There are currently two expansions available for Champions of Midgard:  The Dark Mountains and Valhalla. The Dark Mountains adds archer units to the game, as well as a new threat (and opportunity for glory), the Bergrisar.  This expansion also allows for the addition of a fifth player! The second expansion, Valhalla, puts your fallen warriors to use, as their sacrifice can earn you incredible rewards in the afterlife!  Both expansions are well worth the investment, especially if you find yourself playing with up to 5 players.


Champions of Midgard, including the two expansions, will be available in the Game Library at Dokidokon 2021.