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FoxC Cosplay

Cosplay Guest

FoxC is a Marine Biologist turned Research and Developer who started cosplaying in 2006 casually and then moved to more extreme and detailed armor in 2019 living in South Korea attending G-STAR.


Since then, she moved back to the states and competed in the Cosplay Crown Championship in Chicago in 2022. Cosplay has always been an important part of her life and has always had the saying, "The bigger the armor, the better."


It has always been a dream and goal to one day be a full time cosplayer and wake up creating new unique concept armor. She has always wanted everyone to feel that meeting her you'll walk away knowing you have a new friend and someone to cheer you on in your cosplay goals no matter what life throws at you.


She would love to meet you at her booth to cheer you on!

  • Twitch
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  • YouTube
Photographer Credit: JPeG Photography
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