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Formal Ball

Present Second Chance Prom

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Bio on our Trainers: 

Brock and Teri Geer have been married for 10 years, have 4 children, and are the owners of Kalamazoo Ballroom Academy: a thriving ballroom dancing studio in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They specialize in partner dancing and can teach over 20 different partner dances. Everything from Waltz to Tango back to Cha Cha and Swing. They love teaching beginners and have a knack for braking things down to make dancing fun and easy to learn.


Teri Geer started dancing at an early age. She was not what most people would call a natural. Many would have actually called her a “klutz.” Through hard work and determination, Teri began to excel. As a teenager, she was awarded the title of Miss Teen Dance and started teaching others. It was in teaching that Teri found her true passion: teaching and sharing the benefits of dance with others–helping them realize their true potential. Teri has enjoyed competing in both professional and pro-am events. In 2013 she was honored as one of the top ten ballroom dance teachers in United States.


Brock Geer was a natural wallflower when it came to dancing unless of course he had a little extra liquid courage. Before taking dance lessons his girlfriend called him the one-minute man because she knew if he was willing to dance, she had about one minute to get him on the floor before he was to intoxicate to walk. After 11 years of dating Teri his girlfriend finally became his wife and Brock decided it was time to learn to dance. Through taking lessons with Teri Brock gained the confidence to dance anywhere. After learning to dance himself he began to teach beginners how to dance. He has a considerable understanding of the pressure and anxiety many people face when first learning to dance and has a gift of putting students at ease.

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