How do I Pre-Register? 

Up on the navigation bar you'll see the 'Register' page. Simply click that to be transported to the page!


Remember: The earlier you pre-reg the cheaper the badge!

 How do I sign up to help volunteer? 

Yes! Please follow these simple steps to sign up to be a volunteer:

  1. See the Volunteer page under the 'Information' bar up top.

  2. Complete the Volunteer form.

  3. Be sure to check your spam and junk folders in your email, as you will hear back from us soon.

If you have further questions regarding Volunteering please see the Contact us page first and read the section listed 'Volunteers' to see if your question might have been answered. If not please use the contact form so one of us can get back to you quickly.

 Can I sign up to do a panel? 

Yes you can! You may feel free to sign up to host multiple panels as well! Panelists who get accepted and do 4+ hours will be considered for badge reimbursement or a free pass to Year two of Dokidokon! Panels can be fandom related, informative, discussions, workshop, or considered an active panel (i.e. Cosplay Chess or Anime Jeopardy would fall into this class).


Panel submissions will open soon. Please check back, subscribe to our mailing list or like our Facebook page to get the update on when they are open!

 I already purchased my badge but now I can't come to con. What do I do? 

We understand situations arise and suddenly a convention you had planned on attending you may no longer be able to attend, for whatever reason. We will do our best to work with you in refunding your badge.

We will determine what to do by using multiple factors, the primary being the date you purchased your badge. It is our sole discretion what we can do to help out, and some conventions would not even offer a refund. However we understand, we have been there, and will do our best for you. If you find you suddenly can't make the con, and have already pre-registered, please use the contact form right away so a staff member can assist you.

We cannot issue refunds the month of the convention, sorry. This means any refund requests sent in July will not be accepted. We do our best to honor refund requests up until 30 days to the event.

NOTE: Vendors who have purchased their table(s) must abide by the guidelines when they applied and will not be refunded for their table(s).

 Can I pick what Team I am on? 

 Can I pick what Team I am on? 

We will allow you to pick a team to be on when you arrive at the convention! Our staff will monitor the teams and have our the team colors that are in need of members at the time of your arrival! 

 Will Dokidokon do con table swaps with other conventions? 

Dokidokon is accepting con table swaps for 2021! To sign up for a table swap please with your event please email us using the Contact us page!

Our swap includes one table in a high traffic area, 2 chairs, and up to 4 badges for your staff at our convention.

We will also include your events logo and URL on our website under the 2021 convention swap page, as well as make social media posts about your event and Dokidokon being there.

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