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Kalamazoo, Michigan - July 19th-21st

Dokidokon 2024

Graveyard shift.png

DJs and Dancers Wanted!

What dance events exist?  

We currently have two dance events: first of our newest is our House Dance (Friday) (times TBD) and the ever long running night called The gRAVEyard shift which runs from 9pm-12 am.

These are a 13+ event.

Dokidokon provides glowsticks to attendees and a small light show, but beyond that, no smoke/vape machines or confetti is allowed. 

Do I need a large following to apply? 

No! You will however need to apply via the form below including a 10-minute audition file for DJs. For go-go dancers, you will need to record your audition against a pre-selected mix to show off your dancing skills.

Are there any other DJ events I could apply for?

A few of the owners of Dokidokon LLC also own and run Kokorokon LLC, which is a separate convention that takes place in Saint Louis, Missouri. If you would like you may visit the website here and check out/apply for DJ events at Kokorokon as well!

Applications will open near November!

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