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Dokidokon is excited to bring workshops to the convention!

What is a workshop event?

Workshop events are like panels you can attend during the convention. They range from 1 to 2 sessions anywhere from 2-3 hours a session, and are hosted by convention staff and attendees!

What do you do at a workshop?

Each accepted workshop event will be shared below as we get closer to the convention dates, and specific information for each workshop can be found then!

But a workshop event will teach you how to make/do something, and even allow you to take home the finished product!

Are workshop events free to attend?

Some are free, others that involve materials will have a cost next to the workshop name. Some workshop events will require you sign up either online in advance or when you get to the convention, to help account for materials needed or space per session allowed.

Can I host a workshop event?

Absolutely! Reach out to Ari via our Contact Page and let her know more about the workshop event you would like to host.

I don't want to host a workshop, but can I help someone else who is?

We would love to have a few volunteers to help with workshop events if requested by the host! Please reach out to us!


Workshop Info

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Event Page w/updates

Ever wanted to make your own Cat Ears?
This workshop is for you!

Your host will provide you with the tools and walk you through the steps. The best part: You get to choose the color for the ears and you get to take them home with you!

This workshop has an entry fee of $8 per person with a limit of one headband per person. The fee helps cover the cost of materials used in the workshop.

 must sign up in advance if you wish to attend this workshop event. You can do so at the workshop events table at the convention when you arrive. This event is limited and will have a day/timeslot assigned for it, so be sure to check the official schedule when it comes out to know when it is happening or follow the Facebook event page!

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