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Convention Foam Fighting!

Special Event


Convention Foam Fighting (CFF) is a free-to-participate physical combat event.

Using foam "boffer" weapons, participants take part in a variety of games, from team battles to tournament-style competitions.

Participants of all ages and experience levels are welcome to play (participants under the age of 18 will require consent from a legal guardian).

CFF supplies all necessary equipment to the participants, and we welcome all experienced fighters to bring their own equipment to be reviewed and approved by our staff for safety.

Event Times

FRIDAY 9pm-Midnight in the Meadows Room
Come challenge your friends or join a team for some tournament-style competitions! CFF is a fun and free event to take part in.
Saturday 11am-2pm in the Meadows Room
The games resume with open play! 

Saturday 9pm-Midnight in the Meadows Room
The last session for CFF begins at 9pm and goes until Midnight. Do you have what it takes to challenge those in the room to a match? Come on out to this event for some final foam boffer ffun!

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