Cosplay and Con Policies

We LOVE cosplay! All forms of cosplay, j-fashion, Lolita, furry, etc are encouraged! Please be respectful and see our policies on cosplay and our convention policies below.


Have a question? Please see the ‘Contact us’ page!

GHOSTING IS NOT ALLOWED! Everyone must have a badge to enter the convention center space.


Please support Dokidokon by purchasing a badge, and avoid being told to leave.


Cosplay is NOT consent!

Under no circumstances will harassment of our attendees be tolerated.

Please seek out staff if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable for any reason.


  • NO blatant nudity/adult related content. Please use discretion with your character, props and presentation.

  • All costumes/clothing must cover what a normal bikini would. Bodypaint, pasties, etc. are not considered adequate body coverage.

  • Paint or makeup must be sealed!

  • Please follow all staff requests

  • Shoes must be worn. You may wear sandals and remove them for photoshoots.

  • Props must be checked in at con ops asap. Exceptionally large props might be subject to restrictions. If we notice issues like blocked hallways or horseplay we may ask you to return your prop to your room or vehicle. Please check with us before the convention if you have any concerns or questions. 

  • All ‘firearm’ props must have an orange tip clearly displayed and must be checked in to con ops to be tagged. If it is too realistic, we may tell you to return it to your room or vehicle.

  • No projectiles of any kind (arrows, Nerf darts, etc.).

  • Prop weapons (such as swords) may NOT be live steel. It is both a safety risk and a violation of hotel policy. If you have a question regarding this segment please reach out to us.

  • No wooden props! This includes bats, shields, staffs. Please consider other lightweight materials for these props.



Live animals may not be used for props. Service animals ARE welcome subject to venue guidelines. Please respect the venue and all furniture, furnishings, and property.


Anyone caught damaging property may be subject to various penalties including forfeiture of the badge, hotel stay or others as determined by the venue or any emergency responders.