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Kalamazoo, Michigan - July 19th-21st

Dokidokon 2024

Convention Policies

If you have any questions about the General rules/policies send us an email at and we’ll make sure you get an answer!

  • Respect your fellow attendees. Don’t do anything that harasses, threatens, or harms other attendees. If you are being harassed, threatened, or harmed, please find a member of the convention staff. See our anti-harassment policy for more details.

  • Wear your badge at all times. Your badge must be visible. If a staff member asks to see your badge or photo ID, you must show it to them. Dokidokon reserves the right to deny entrance to any part of the convention space to anyone not wearing a valid convention badge.

  • Keep your kids with you. Attendees under 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Parents will be held responsible for any damages caused by their children.

  • Follow the prop and costume rules. See our Prop and Costume Policy for more details.

  • Follow hotel and convention center policies.


The head of Dokidokon's Safety Department has the final say as to the interpretation of these rules.

Anti-Harassment Policy


Dokidokon is dedicated to providing a safe and harassment-free experience for everyone at our events. Cosplay is not Consent. Feel free to communicate your boundaries and seek out staff if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable for any reason or have a question about any of our policies.


Violation of these rules can result in consequences including expulsion and up to a permanent ban. Refunds are at the discretion of the organizers and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Badge Policies

I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?

We offer refunds up until June 30th, after which we will no longer be able to issue a refund on your badge(s). We do not offer rollovers at this time, so please be sure to notify us before the 30th if you need a refund. We are sorry if something comes up that keeps you from attending Dokidokon this year.


What to do if you lost a badge.

Proceed to Con Ops and they can help! All sales are final whether purchased in advance or on-site. If you lose your badge, you may get a replacement for $20. A second badge replacement is $35. 


When registering you agreed to the following:

"No one under the age of 18 is allowed into 18+ events that take place in the evening during the convention. You will have to show ID to enter any of these 18+ events. Dokidokon LLC under its sole discretion reserve all rights to restrict your access to the convention without a refund. Treat badge(s), those around you, and the venue with respect.

By accepting your badge(s) and completing registering, you agree that we may use your likeness in photos and videos taken during the event for promotional purposes.

By completing registration you allow us to include your email on our e-newsletter list. You have the option of opting out of receiving emails from Dokidokon at any time thereafter. By accepting this badge and participating in our activities, you agree to hold the convention and venue harmless and as such, waive all liabilities from Dokidokon LLC and its members for injuries sustained in activities during the weekend of the convention. You also agree to the policies set forth by Dokidokon and the venue (Radisson Plaza Hotel Kalamazoo) and agree to comply with these policies."

Badge Policies


This policy will be reviewed and updated as needed to reflect changing circumstances, guidelines, and regulations related to COVID-19.

Please follow us on social media to get updates should this policy have any changes between now and the convention. We will do our best to make all aware of any changes.

At this time Dokidokon does not require proof of vaccination to attend. Masks are encouraged in all of the convention spaces, but not enforced. We will have disposable masks stocked at both registration and CONOPS for use. We ask that those who are unwell or who have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 to stay home and not attend.

We encourage our staff and those attending to practice proper hygiene and utilize the hand sanitizer located throughout the convention space. We also ask that you don't share drinks or food with others.

We realize that the above may not be to everyone's liking, and for that, we are sorry that you may choose not to attend Dokidokon. In the event that things change we will make the edit to the policy above and notify those who subscribed to our email listing, as well as those who follow the convention's social media accounts. 

Covid-19 Policy

Dress Code & Props

Dress Code and Props

NO blatant nudity/adult-related content. Please use discretion with your character, props, and presentation. Shoes must be worn for your safety. You may wear sandals and remove them for photoshoots.

Prop and Weapon Policies:

The reality is that some props are not appropriate or safe in a public convention environment. The convention staff will use their discretion in allowing the prop.


To ensure safety we have general guidelines on props:

  1. Do not impede traffic (oversized)

  2. Do not damage property (sharp or heavy)

  3. Do not hurt or threaten anyone (obvious)

  4. No projectiles of any kind (arrows, Nerf darts, etc.).

  5. Prop weapons (such as swords) may NOT be live steel. It is both a safety risk and a violation of hotel policy.

  6. Live animals may not be used for props. Service animals ARE welcome subject to venue guidelines. Please respect the venue and all furniture, furnishings, and property


General Crafted Prop Guidelines: All attendees with props must go to ConOps upon arrival for inspection. Inspected props, in particular the more realistic the prop, may have a zip tie affixed around it to mark it has been reviewed.


The zip tie signifies to security and others that the prop has been checked. We will take all reasonable precautions to not damage the prop. Oversized props that pose a mobility hazard through doors, stairways, escalators, or elevators are prohibited.


Recommended dimensions are less than six feet in any direction; items in excess will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Any prop, outfit, or armor piece must not be made of a material that can injure a passerby or damage convention or hotel property.


Realistic-looking props like guns must have an orange tip and should not be pointed at anyone unless posing for a photo. Use proper discipline. Violation of these policies includes but is not limited to removal from convention grounds.

Dress Code & Props


By attending Dokidokon or Doki's Winter Fest, you are entering an area where photography, audio, and video recording will occur. You and those around you are consenting to being photographed and recorded. Photography is allowed and encouraged at the convention!


If someone does not wish to have their photo taken you must respect their wishes and not photograph them. Any child must have the parent or legal guardians' permission to be photographed. As a general rule always ask to take photos of persons.


In addition, please do not block hallways or entrances to any meeting rooms or fire exits. You may not take photos in private areas such as the inside of restaurants, restrooms, or persons private hotel rooms. If approached by a staff member and told to delete unwanted photos that have been brought to our attention, you must comply or be escorted off the property by the venue's security personnel. 

Phoography Policies

General Policies

Children Attending:

Programming that is considered to have stronger language or material may be marked 13+ or 18+ in the program schedule. All 18+ events require badge and ID checks.


Dokidokon cannot accommodate, predict, or take responsibility for the language and behavior of other members, nor will Dokidokon take responsibility for any minors at the event. However, the convention space will become very crowded and it is recommended that an adult accompany all minors at all times.


If you should have a problem with a lost child, please contact any security member or ConOps and they will help in any way they can. When registering for a badge on-site or picking up a badge after pre-purchasing online, members under 16 will require a responsible party 18 or older to sign to pick up a badge.


Members 16 and older will require a photo ID to pick up a badge.

Motorized Personal Vehicles:

The venue does not permit non-accessibility related motorized personal transportation vehicles on the carpets/indoors at the venue, including (but not limited to) scooters, hoverboards, and carts. Wheelchairs and accessibility devices are permitted.

Illegal Substances:

Illegal substances are never permitted at Dokidokon events. The sale and distribution of illegal or controlled substances will result in reporting to the on-site local authorities, KZOOPD, etc. Anyone knowingly or unknowingly providing alcohol or aiding others in providing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21 will be turned over immediately to the local authorities and expelled from the con.


GHOSTING IS NOT ALLOWED! Everyone must have a badge to enter the convention center space. Please support Dokidokon by purchasing a badge.


Events that wish to attend and promote their own events must first be approved. Unapproved promotors will be escorted off the property. This applies to Vendors as well.

Lost and Found:

Items that have been found and turned in to convention staff will be held in ConOps and available during hours of operation. You must describe the lost item in detail and sign when claiming any lost items. 


Lost items that have not been claimed at the end of the convention are turned over to the hotel's front desk or donated. 

Posting of Announcements:

Posting of Announcements or Fliers Promotion literature, flyers, handouts, etc. being distributed without permission will be asked to leave the premises.

General Policies
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