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Welcome to the pep squad! We are ChiRi Girls, a cheerleading-themed idol duo from Michigan established in 2015. We're here to put a smile on your face and some pep in your step!


Debuting at the first Dokidokon, we have been sharing our love of J-pop through singing and dancing. Through live performances, video covers, and live streams, we work hard to tailor an exciting interactive experience for everyone.


Inspired by the awe we felt from watching other net idol groups, we strive to spread this same feeling as far as we can reach. This year, we will be hosting our fifth-year anniversary performance at Dokidokon’s Big Year Five event!


We have many new songs to perform as well as our very first original song. We’ll keep you on the edge of your seats as we sing, dance, and most importantly… cheer!! Make sure to bring your lightsticks and tons of energy for ChiRi Girls: Five Year Fanfare!

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