Fan Booths!

New at our convention starting in 2021, Fan Booths! We invite and encourage attendees to become more involved with the convention experience by sharing their passions and interests at our fan booths! Fan booths are set out in the pre-function spaces and are free for convention goers to check out! Each booth is unique, offering either free to play mini games or information from the booth runner about a specific passion they have. You'll have 30 minutes to set up, and 1-1/2 to run the booth with another 30 minutes to tear down.

We encourage booth runners to decorate their table because all Fan Booths are automatically entered into our Fan Booth Contest! Booths will be rated based on decoration/set up by both Doki Staff and Attendees! We will choose a few winners and those will be given 1 Free badge to next years event (per booth runner) and an award! 

We accept the following type of fan booths, but if you have any questions you can leave it in the comments section of the form below!

• Informative booths on Pop Culture, Japanese Culture, Anime, Musical Groups (kpop/jpop as examples). Also informative booths regarding topics such as: cosplay tips, DIY examples, How to create your own TCG games.

• If you have created content in the following: Websites for cosplay/photography, your own video game/board game, clothing line, YouTube start up.

• 'Super Fans' of various anime who would like to showcase that love for an anime and discuss it with other fans. Bonus points if you cosplay from the anime while at the booth!

• Mini-game booths. Bring your favorite mini games and play them with attendees! A great excuse to introduce people to new or old games and to explain how to play in person.

• Nintendo Switch booths- Pick your favorite multiplayer Switch Games and invite attendees to come up and play or battle with you! 

Fan booths are run for two and half hours. (set up, 1-1/2 booth, and half hour tear down)

On the form you can request a day for your booth to run and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Each Fan Booth must have someone who is 18 or older present. Fans under the age of 18 who wish to run a Fan Booth will need to have a friend or adult to help out.

Additional questions may be left in the comment section on the form below. We look forward to seeing all the unique and fun booths, and again encourage you to decorate and make your Fan Booth shine!