AMV Showcase & Editing Competition

Welcome to the AMV Showcase!

We'll be showcasing Anime Music Videos created by you guys in the months leading up to Dokidokon 2021. We'll be giving away prizes, showcasing our favorite AMVs, Tips & Tricks on editing in various software, and hosting a live competition!


Two Video Editors will be selected to create an AMV on the morning of the panel, and the audience (That's you!) will get to help decide the winner! (The grand prize for this competition will be a pass to Dokidokon 2022)


Come join the fun, and help vote for the winner of this year's competition! Hosted by the beautiful Gentlemen that help put together the Dokidokon Highlight video each year.

AMV Showcase

Below are this month's highlighted AMV showcases! Interested in being one of the Two Video Editors during the panel? Click on the icon to sign up! (Link to be added soon!)