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The Adventure Group

We're the Adventure Group, a group of Chicago-based friends that goes to conventions, eats hot peppers, and has fun!We try to put on panels that we've always wanted to see at other conventions. Stop by at our events and say hi, and like our Facebook page!


Panels & Events

Cosplay Chess

Saturday 5pm-7pm in Meadows Room

Cosplay Chess is exactly what it sounds like - a giant game of live chess...with cosplayers as the pieces! You do NOT have to know how to play chess to participate in Cosplay Chess. We will have two game masters who will be moving you across the board. It is your job to come up with an attack scene and a death scene to spice up the game if you happen to take a piece or be “killed.”

Wario's Kamp for Wayward Kon-goers: Waluigi's Revenge

Friday 4:30-5:30pm Meadows Room

Join the Adventure Group as we play wacky interactive games together! You'll feel like you're playing those crazy mini-games from Mario Party...except you won't (necessarily) catch on fire if you lose!

Adventure Group Sing-a-long!

Saturday 9:30pm-10:50pm in Panel Room 2

Join the Adventure Group as we pay tribute to fun, popular (and meme-worthy) songs of old and sing them together karaoke-style. Come sing your heart out in a judgment-free zone and let's have fun together!

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: More Than Card Games on Motorcycles

Saturday 1:30pm-2:50pm in Panel Room 1

Ancient gods, classism, robots from the future, and yes...motorbikes. Come hang out with us and let's chat about why 5D's is truly the pinnacle of the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

Adventures with the Adventure Group

Friday 9pm-9:50pm in Panel Room 2

Join the Adventure Group as we share fun, exciting, and oftentimes wacky stories about various con experiences we've encountered over the years!

Jojo Yoga

Saturday 10am-10:50am in Meadows Room

Develop your hamon skills and perfect your stylish posing with this panel's instructions hosted by a completely illegitimate hamon instructor! Master the photoshoot! Make the inside jokes! Prepare to fight off vampires or forsake your humanity...or make a fool of yourself with other Jojo fans.

YouTube Poops with the Adventure Group 18+

Friday 10pm-10:50pm in Panel Room 2

Do you enjoy YouTube Poops? Do you like awkwardly edited videos (mostly) from the early 2000s? Got nothing better to do late at night at an anime convention? Then this is the panel for you. Come on by and discuss with us what YouTube Poops are and why they’re such an underground phenomena, and then watch some of our favorite nerdy ones! Bonus points if you come with some actual good ones we haven’t seen yet!

Concert with Rachel and Beck

Panel information coming soon

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