About Dokidokon

Frequently asked questions

About Dokidokon

Where did the name Dokidokon come from?

Our convention name derives from the Japanese word that refers to the sound of a heart beating, doki doki. We took Doki and added the kon (con). We are a convention with heart!

What type of convention is Dokidokon?

We are primarily an Anime/Gaming convention. We love different fandoms, and welcome those in the Sci-Fi, Movies, Comics, Fursuite, tabletop, LARP, Renaissance and Lolita communities (and many many others)!

Who created the Art for Dokidokon?

Our Mascots (OC's) for Dokidokon were commissioned by MacyMayArt! Most of our conventions art comes from Macy, but we also have the talented ChibiHeartMoon and MarshmallowSai who help out! Read more about the artists and visit their socials by checking them out here.

How big is Dokidokon?

For our first year we had 1,090 in attendance. Our average attendance at Dokidokon is 1,500.