About Dokidokon

Where did the name Dokidokon come from?

Our convention name derives from the Japanese word that refers to the sound of a heart beating, doki doki. It took an entire weekend to decide on the name for our convention, which we broke down 'doki doki' to dokido and added the kon (con). Thus the birth of Dokidokon! We are a convention with heart!

Dokidokon Attendence Numbers

In 2017 we had 1,090 in attendance! 

In 2018 we had 1,457 in attendance! 

In 2019 we had 1,463 in attendance! 

Why Dokidokon was formed.

Back in 2015 the idea of starting a new convention was tossed around between the four chair members while attending several conventions. In 2016 the plans began, and Dokidokon was born.

We are super excited to bring some new content to the anime & gaming convention scene, and hope to add to the experience that attending conventions brings to each individual.

We each have something unique to offer to this new convention, and we are always welcoming to new ideas or suggestions! Just use that contact form on the Contact Us page above or click HERE.

ABOUT the Artist and our Mascots!

Who created the art for Dokidokon's Mascots?

Our Mascots (OC's) for Dokidokon were commissioned by the amazingly talented Macy May Art! You can read more about the artist below. Please be sure to check out her Facebook and Deviant Art pages!

Meet the Artist!

Artist name: Macy May

Age: 23


What got you interested in art?

-I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I was always doodling animals or attempting to draw people at a very young age. I wasn't serious about art until around the age 9 or 10. Accidentally stumbling across an image of zero from vampire knight on google images made me realize how beautiful anime art styles can be. And so it gave me the inspiration to try it out, and now here I am.


Do you prefer digital art or freehand sketches?  

-I prefer digital art. Its a struggle without the undo button. 


Is there a set style you stick too, or do you try learning new things and changing your style?

-I have a set style, though when I look at other artists work and like their style more, I attempt to tweak mine a bit. It changes a little every so often. I like to think it has something to do with my improvement too.


What is your go-to supply/software you use? 

-I use paint tool sai for digital art. I am saving up for photoshop. I do not do traditional art too much though when I do I own an ordinary sketchbook you can find anywhere and #2 pencils. Nothing too fancy. 


Did you go to art school?

-No, though I do take art classes at my college.


Do you have other hobbies?

-Watching anime, talking on the phone with friends, reading manga, hanging out with friends, going downtown in the city, and obviously, drawing. 


Favorite animes?

-I have a few favorites. Baka to test, nichijou, my bride is a mermaid, mitsudomoe, ouran highschool host club, madoka magica, and black butler (though the manga is better). I really enjoy romantic comedies the most. 


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