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What is Dokidokon?

Happy you've asked!
Dokidokon is a convention with heart. It's our moto for a reason, and for the past 5 years we've put our love and passion into hosting this convention every July!

Doki is primarily an anime and gaming convention which takes place in Kalamazoo Michigan over the summer. We do welcome cosplay and fandoms outside of anime and gaming such as those in the furry community, lolita community, comiccons, and more!

At Doki you can expect a wide range of events planned over the course of a weekend. We have panels, concerts, workshop events, a vendor room for you to spend way too much money in, special guests you can get autographs from, cosplay gatherings and more!

And if you enjoy gaming you can enjoy our very own Tabletop game room and Video game room! If you need a quiet space to retreat and relax in our manga room/quiet room is perfect for this. Don't forget to check out our Discord server located at the bottom of our website to join others in the Doki community online!

Over 2,000 people attend Dokidokon and with your continued support we are growing each year! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much for showering the love back on our staff. We couldn't run this event without you, and we hope to become a convention you look forward to year after year.

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Doki Crew 4 Life
Taken by: Philosophically Undefined Photography
Taken by: Philosophically Undefined Photography
Taken by: Philosophically Undefined Photography
Taken by: Philosophically Undefined Photography

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Our brand new winter convention taking place in Kalamazoo Michigan! Party with us into the New Year!!

2023 Sponsors

Dokidokon appreciates the help from the sponsors below! We invite you to check out their websites, and want to thank both you and our sponsors for your continued support!

Interested in sponsoring? Contact us via the contact page HERE!

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