Dokidokon welcomes Courtland Johnson

A Houston native who has loved anime since high-school, he took the life lessons of Naruto's 'Believe It', and followed his dreams of becoming the next Hokage….I mean actor.


Courtland is also a huge proponent for self love, ignoring the haters and becoming the awesome weirdo you are meant to be. Read more HERE!

Dokidokon welcomes Derek Padula

Derek Padula is the Dragon Ball Scholar. He illuminates the real-world historical, spiritual, and
philosophical culture of Dragon Ball to enable readers to better understand the series and empower themselves on their own life journeys. Read more about Derek HERE!

We have an announcement this Saturday, and 4 more guests to announce in February! Stay tuned!


Dokidokon welcomes CFF and Cosplay Guest Hideyo Mochimo!

Dokidokon welcomes back Convention Foam Fighting! They will be hanging out all weekend with you guys offering foam fighting challenges! Fight for honor and glory!

We also welcome our first cosplay guest, Hideyo Mochimo! Over the twelve years he has participated in this hobby, he has hand-made over 200 cosplays, ranging from things like anime, to Disney, scifi, movies, and even obscure things like Broadway. Learn more about Hideyo under our Guests page!

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