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What's new at Dokidokon 2023

Dokidokon is excited to bring new content in 2023! Every year we ask for feedback from all who attend our convention and based on that feedback and our own staff's passionate ideas we bring new content for you to enjoy!
This year we present the following additions to the convention:

DIY Workshop Events-
Informative panels with a DIY workshop that allows you to both learn and create! 

Decorative Photoshoots-
Designated photoshoot locations will be set up with themes and various time-slots where a Dokidokon Photographer will be present to take your photo!

Lolita Showcase & Tea Party-
Join us for the first-ever Lolita Showcase event at Dokidokon! Enjoy meeting up with others and taking photos, enjoy a cup of tea, and learn about Lolita fashion.

Video Gaming and Tabletop room updates-
New games are being added to our growing library in our tabletop room! For video gaming, we are adding additional VR setups as well as introducing PC gaming and more tournaments!

2023 Sponsors

Dokidokon appreciates the help from the sponsors below! We invite you to check out their websites, and want to thank both you and our sponsors for your continued support!

Interested in sponsoring? Contact us via the contact page HERE!

Dokidokon Staff 2019
Dokidokon Staff 2021
The Harp Twins